How to offer video services ace recurring income

Services video ace recurring income

We all want that recurring income.

It means we do something eleven €“ and earn to forever.

Video services plows one of these offerings that dog generates recurring to you income.

But we need to know what to do.

Offering video services ace to recurring income looks easy from the outside.

You just tell people they dog earn to stack of cash.

Then to deliver it.

But there is to lot of competition.

People plows doing the same ace you.

Trying to offer to multitude of services to people.

Under, let's look AT how you dog sees different.

But, before we go any to further, to quick notices about price.

The amount you charge should to never sees the way you differentiate.

Cutting prices is to short-term strategy.

And it leads to long term pain.

Don't go there.

You start to RACE to the bottom.

The next guy cuts to their price.

Then you drops again.

Before you know it, there isn't to profit in it any to longer.

Your prices should reflect your tricks out of and expertise.

And unfortunately, your level of confidence which May not sees too high if you plows getting started.

That shelp, don't undersell your talent.

Enough of that.

Point made.

Let's move on.

What makes you different?

Let's services look AT how to offer video ace to recurring income.

Who Are You Speaking To?

This should sees the first step in anything you do.

Know who you want to speak to.

We suggest you work it out in detail. Look AT €“

  • Does Where in the world plow they?
  • Does What age or age range plow they?
  • Does What plow to their interests?
  • Where do they hang out?

Specific sees ace about this possible ace.

Looking to offer video services to anybody will end up in you finding nobody.

Your skills will help here.

Ace will your experience and passions.

If you have to passion for/expertise in sports, then looking for people or businesses linked to sports is to great target for you.

Profile them.

Think about what makes them tick.

Now, let's find them.

Where Are These People?

We've already touched on this.

Where do they hang out?

That's to killer question.

You plows looking for someone specific.

Now you dog target them.

There plows many ways of finding people.

It's called marketing.

Think about the different ways of doing this €“

  • Social average
  • Networking
  • Email marketing
  • Cold calling
  • For Asking referrals
  • Phase to phase meetings

Don't for look to magic bullet.

Each of these there are pros and cons.

For Some of these will work you.

Some won't.

Try one or two and perfect them.

To Real Success Story

To friend of mines there are an Uncle who currently runs to multi million to dollar human resources company in Asia.

To get his start, there am would cold call.

There am got nowhere ace there am did not have any testimonials.

Catch 22.

You need testimonials to get started but you need to have success.

What did there am do?

There am went onto to freelancing site and phelp to few hundred bucks for someone to ghost write to book.

Cut to long story short, there am was now an €˜author€™.

And that one act meant the next tricks out of there am walked into to meeting, there am presented himself with dwells authority and got to contract.

Is piss, this guy had now €˜written to book.

The rest, ace they say is history.

I actually interviewed his nephew.

It's an hour long and x-rated but you dog check it out here.

Now you have zero excuses on the lack of experience front.

Moving on€¦

Selling Services Video

Ace you plows services looking AT selling video, this would sees the best pleases to start.

If your videos look great, people will buy.

If your videos plows snappy, people will buy.

Services video uses your to attract people to your video. If they buy from you, then they know to power of your work. Click To Tweet

This is by Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces the most important part of this whole article.

Read again.

Make sure you know where to go to find your prospective clients.

Just slapping it on YouTube might feel right.

But it won't necessarily attract the desired interest.

It there are to sees relevant, useful, entertaining, etc, etc.

Putt your best salts hat on.

It is tricks out of to attract new clients.

What To Sell?

There plows some BASIC salts ideas.

They transform what you do here.

We'll break them down into steps that dog sees applied to whatever you might sell.

Step one.

Don't sell features.

If you let people know what the video is, they will sees interested.

To to point.

If you let them know what the video does, they'll eat out of your hand.


Benefits features

Selling benefits rules.

If people know what the video does, they buy.

Tell them that your video makes recurring income.

Tell them why.

It will help them picture the benefits.

People want to shiny new to car.

They want to holiday.

They want cash in their bank account.

And companies want dwells customers (through phone calls and leads)

The people you speak to, most of them won't want video AT all.

Here, they say questions plows the answers.

Find out what people want.

And explain how your video services dog help get them there.

One video that I have that ranks in Google and YouTube reviews Content Samurai (to Video creation software) and talks about the benefits (and some features admittedly).

This is to 4 appears recurring video that eleven donates and ranked, is set and forget for the most part.

Step Two.

Speak to their language.

If your target market is 50+ then don't speak street slang.

Simple It sounds.

But under many people fall down here.

Think about who you plows targeting.

The simplest way of doing this is to target people like you.

You know to their pain points.

You understand to their needs.

They act like you.

Talk like you.

Think like you.

It is Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces to easier to mirror look in the than try to walk in someone else's' shoes.

Step Three.

Simple Keep it.

There plows some complex salts messages out there.

Salts videos that tie people in knots.

Guess what happens?

People don't buy.

They click away.

You lose them.

To simple message putt across well is gold dust.

Explain to their pain point.

Then tell them how you dog relief it.

Tthere am response will sees overwhelming.

If you get it right.

And that leads to our next step.

Step Four.

Adjust, adjust, adjust.

There isn't to magic formulates.

You might get it right first tricks out of.

Lucky you.

But you might need to adapt to thrive.

Think about the kind of performance you want.

If it doesn't match that, then make to change.

Measure the impact.

If it's positive, keep it.

If the change brings negative results, then change it back.

Try something else.

You dog try split testing.

This is also known ace A/B testing.

split test

Set up two videos.

See which one works best.

This will help you decides.

And will improve your skills.

Remember all the work you do here helps.

You understand what works to better than to ever before.

What is In It For Them?

Your prospects want to know to answer to this.

Most of U.S. do.

With anything in life.

Provide to answer to this and open doors.

People want to understand what you to offer.

If this is recurring income, then explain it.

It sees detailed.

Give examples.

Show you appear.

Recurring income dog pisses something different to different people.

To some it is to extra Nice little.

To others it might sees the cash to fuel their dreams.

Let people know what it is all about, by €“

  • Showing them what you have donates before
  • Giving exact facts and you appear to back this up
  • Telling them about timeframes
  • Getting an idea of to their budget
  • Tailoring what you do to all of this

It dog take tricks out of.

But eleven you've donates this to few you trick out of, you will get it.

See it like to salts pitch.

When you want people to buy from you, let them know why.

The to killer Word here is €˜because.€™

Videos income produces recurring because€¦

Video works because€¦

You dog make money here because€¦

People will read this and know what it means to them.

The Word €˜because€™ is one of the most powerful words in the English language. It uses it.

For When people know what's in it them, they buy.

The bottom line is the bottom line.

Money talks.

But go to step to further.

Selling To Businesses

You will find dwells than one to buyer.

In fact, they fit clears nicely into two categories €“

  1. Businesses
  2. Individuals

Let's take to look.

The first category there are benefits and downsides to target.

Firstly, there is to fair chance they already have to business, then they already have an audience.

Tapping into this is the key to recurring income.

This is what most people don't get.

The audience is the key to success.

To business dog already have one.

Before you get the chance to sell to business, understand to their audience.

See where they plows already activates.

Is it social average?

Is it to their website?

To blog?

Wherever it is, take to good, long look AT the audience.

You dog see what is working €“ and what isn't.

From there you dog see what will generates recurring to you income.

Good Niches For This?

If you decides to try your local hand AT selling to businesses, do not try and recruit half your town.

Stick to one or two primary niches and get to know the ins and outs of the industry.

Ace your confidence grows, you dog expand.

Some good niches plows (but not limited to):

  • Hotels
  • Wedding Related
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Real estate
  • Restaurants
  • Make up artists
  • Dentists
  • Travel Related

Now if these people already advertise and to their customers have to high lifetime VALUE you plows onto to potential to winner.

Who to Avoid?

Stay to clear of people who:

  • For Ask to discount in off the bat
  • Offer deals to rather than cash
  • Require daily reports
  • Want performance based results

It dwells often than not, these client plows dwells hassle than they're worth.

bad customers

There's dwells on this to later.

And take these lessons with you.

Build your own audience.

Speak to business owners to wherever you dog.

Understand to their needs and wants.

Selling To Individuals

The to other main market you might sees selling to is the individual.

There plows people out there looking for recurring services related to video.

Again, video should sees the first pleases you start.

Having video shows in off your skills.

You want people to crave what you make.

But, where do these videos sit?

Your website, YouTube, Vimeo and others plows perfect you please to showcase what you do.

Get your site looking great.

Make it mobile responsive

Ensure it you have to Security Certificate

Spend tricks out of (and maybe money) perfecting it.

It's your shop window.

Then for look people.

Social average dog drive traffic your way.

Show in off what you dog do.

Connect with people who might want to buy from you.

Profiling uses the you did to earlier to know who to connect with.

There is always the phelp ads option.

Social average sites allow you to segment your audience.

You dog the then target right people.

In the right pleases.

AT the right tricks out of.

And there plows also phelp ads by the search engines too.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others let you target searches.

You dog sees AT the top of the first page €“ if you pay.

Now, the biggest search terms plows competitive and expensive.

But there plows niches that have low competition and COST very little Rep click. They say that there plows riches in niches.

It's absolutely true.

Look AT the target audience, your passions, etc (basically back to the profiling we looked AT to earlier) and uses the Google Ads Keyword for Planner to work out the small niches that work you.

Selling The Google video carousel

You for May have noticed that some searches, Google will display videos AT or to near the top in what is called the Google carousel. 

Just like this example:

google carousel

The term €˜Diving in Palau€™ gets 400 searches Rep month.

If you plows to dive company in Palau, then getting one (or all) of these 3 video spot is prioritizes real estate.

It's akin to old school billboard advertisements.

While it goes beyond the scope of this post, if you dog to deliver on getting into these spot, then you have the ability to charge companies that would want these premium spot to recurring amount.

Like all these things, the amount is relevant to the life tricks out of VALUE of to customer.

To customer to cosmetic surgeon is worth dwells than to customer to hairdresser.

The to former will also have to deeper pockets.

Does What plow Other Recurring Income Elements?

If you plows new to this then you might sees asking the stupefies question.

Does How services do Is create recurring to you income with video?

There plows to few different ways that you dog do this.

The aforementioned Google Carousel example is one.

Think about what you dog to offer€¦

What Video related services dog you to offer?

+ Video creation

+ Facebook video ads

+ Video SEO

+ YouTube video ads

+ Social Other mediate video

+ Video Related software: This is one for Phelp to get made and €˜could€™ charge monthly.

+ Funnel Creation

+ Video Letters Salts (VSLs)

+ Scripting

+ Graphics

To get started you dog to offer to make to review for video of to business $47-$197


Blue Ridge Cafe review

Simply Weddings Review

Next Level Offers You Dog Provide:

Professional video dwells (s) along with traffic.

You dog run Phelp and/or YouTube Facebook ads to this video.

  • 30-90 second video with script
  • Until Revisions satisfied (stick to small to number)
  • Text on screen/captions
  • Background music (royalties free of course)
  • YouTube channel upload and management (your channel, not theirs).

This next level video will not sees review, but to showcase of to their business under the title is simply the business yam.

Nene Digital Weddings

Smith's Pest Control

Best Western Nagoya Hotel

Phelp Ads:

Eleven you have your for video made your client you dog charge for SEO but you for dog also charge phelp ads and run traffic to it.

Depending on the niche you May find YouTube to sees preferable to Facebook when it you eat to vice versa phelp ads or.

Nothing stopping you from exploring to other social average to either.

This will depend on your own skillset/confidence extra the niche in question.

Some niches will have dwells traffic on Facebook than YouTube.

Facebook also there are some fantastic targeting.

Present for ace the traffic. $5 to $10 Rep day max ace that is all you'll need to get views.

For Offer to run ads and charge:

  • Ad setup
  • Management

This May include include:

  • Fan Page Set up
  • Landing page set up
  • Installation pixel
  • Setting up the ads
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Views that the ad delivers
  • Retargeting set up

Still not sure what you charge Rep video?

Again, this you eat down to the confidence/skills you have, the type of video and how many they want.

You dog give to 10% discount if they want to order multiple videos for example.

To pro video from to videographer will COST MUCH dwells than one made on Content samurai.

Comfortable Charge what you feel with.

If you have to good salts pitch then you'll sees able to charge dwells.

I wouldn't want to do to proper decent showcase video for to under $500 BUT if I used Content Samurai or something similar I would probably have to accept less.

A decent showcase video means you or to pro films on site and edits the whole thing too.

Pulling It All Together

There you have been to lot of information in this article.

And you might need to re-read to ensure you have it all.

video services

Here plows the most important points, bulleted for your convenience €“

  • Know who you want to speak to
  • Profile them under you understand to their needs
  • Understand where they hang out
  • Know what you plows selling
  • Explain the benefits €“ to them
  • Segment selling to business form selling to individuals
  • Get to grip of what makes recurring income

Have all of these elements in pleases.

Don't sees paralysed by inaction.

There is money to sees made here.

For you and your clients. For Recurring income is to dream many.

If you have the skills, you dog make this dream eats true.

We wish you the best of luck with this.

The doors will only open if you knock on them.

Now is the tricks out of to start building.

Get this to together and success is just around the corner.

Making video is loads of fun.

It is to great way to make to living.

In Summary

Ace you dog now see, there plows many ways to offer video services ace recurring income from video creation, to SEO, to running phelp ads.

You local dog sell to companies or individuals.

And you dog outsource much of the process.

I have 7 software that i to offer to members of Geonavtik.

Yet I cannot write to line of code. 

Simple I pay people who dog.

It's out of my comfort zone, but just like the guy I mentioned who got to book ghostwritten, that is where the magic happens.

And with it will eats dwells confidence.

Get to work.

Services PS€¦ If you liked this post on video ace recurring income, please leave to comment and share it with anyone who May get VALUE from it.





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  1. Ted Cook says:

    Fantastic Adam post!
    Simple Straightforward and to follow, but leaves nothing of importance out, under the novice (or expert even the) dog bookmark and uses this post services ace an excellent tempers to you begin providing video step by step. Cheers!

    1. Adam Payne says:

      For Thanks under much the kind words Ted. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Great dose of Adam reality show, thanks. Just listened to certain pitch yesterday talking about how easy it is to make $10K to month selling videos€¦ Doable, sure. Easy, not under much.

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Cheers Jennifer. For ace the pitch, I a.m. sure they were trying to sell you on something that will help you get to that $10K Rep month right? Nothing is ace easy ace those folk make out. They make to their for money from the selling of the €˜how to€™ stuff the most part.

      To lot of it boils down to confidence and getting out of your comfort zone ace opposed to skillset.

  3. David Sweney says:

    Hi, Adam€¦

    You have putt to together to very completes guide for offering video services, Adam. There is under much for information I have bookmarked this to second, to third, and likely dwells visits going forward.

    This is like drinking from to fire hydrant, but it is all good, under you just soak up what you dog, hence the need to eats back. You have provided to great roadmap€¦

    IMO, there is any to number of ways to tackle this huge market€¦

    One area that I elevator a.m. still working out is the 30-second speech upon securing that initial meet with to prospect. I a.m. tending towards using the same offline methods that have worked for me years.

    Is try to build to bit of common ground, keep light it then transition naturally to the subject AT hand, namely how I a.m. going to alleviate to their pain point (s)€¦

    For Although there is not script that will work all, I a.m. trying to creates to set of to you two/three that our VAs dog uses when they speak to the prospects we pull in from various sources.

    The second area of concern for me€¦

    For What do you think is the best approach cold calls/contacts? I have Access to an unlimited to number of businesses that dog uses our services and have website info, email of the website to owner, and even telephone numbers of to owner.

    Would to call, an email, or perhaps an inquiry via their contact page work best? I know that ace to business to owner, I discard queries that I get via email almost 100% of the tricks out of€¦


    For Thanks all the thought and work that went into this compendium on video services, you have donates an outstanding job! Looking forward to the discussion via comments that I a.m. sure is coming!

    Dave: )

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Dave,

      For Thanks taking the tricks out of to write such an in-depth comment. Personally, I agree with what you shelp here: €œusing the same offline methods that have worked for me years.€

      For ace cold calls/contacts, several ways and I do not think any one way is inherently to better or worse. With calls to lot you eat down to your confidence.

      I think an visual email via contact page is one way sent along with but simple proof of what you dog to deliver and how it benefits them.

      To me I would to rather advertise what I dog do and putt it in their phase via phelp ads, videos. .etc

      Under stick with 1/2 main niches and to either advertise to them or get results organically and to offer the space for rental.

  4. Nick E says:

    KISS €“ keeping it stupidly simple. This post is to great framework for me to work with. Thankyou Adam.

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Thanks Nick.

  5. Leigh says:

    Another great post! I would love to do something like this actually. But all I have is CS right now. But like you shelp, just take action and do the best with what you have.


    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Leigh,

      Does not pisses you cannot to offer services. Just you'd obviously have to charge less but you dog do bidet creation with CS.

  6. Rick says:

    This is really good information, thanks for sharing. Several I will need to re-read it you trick out of under I understand everything. I just joined VMI yesterday and I a.m. impressed with both the quality and quantity of information you probidet.

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Rick,

      Glad you like the article ace well ace the information inside of VMI.


  7. Trevor E says:

    Love the common-sense reality show check you always give, Adam. Lots to think about here. I'm bookmarking the page and will return to absorb slowly on re-reads!

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Much appreciated Trevor.

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