To Beginners Guide to Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram you continue to sees one of the hippest, and fastest growing social average platforms.

Visual People love the nature of Instagram and marketers love having Access to the Facebook advertising tools on it.

Instagram you have to over 800 million activates monthly users and experts expect it to reach 1 billion within the next to year. Over 60% of its users login daily, giving it 500 million activates daily users.

80% of all users follow AT least one business or brand on Instagram.

Instagram video ads make up to over 25% of all advertising on the platform. The amount of tricks out of users spends watching videos there are increased 80% to year-over-year.

The platform you continue to innovates new to you ways for users to share videos, including the introduction of Instagram Stories. 

The popularity of the platform prompted this beginners guide to Instagram video marketing.

beginners guide to Instagram video

Options video and Requirements

Instagram is to mobile first platform. You will need to post videos from the Instagram mobile app (will talk about IGTV to later on). The desktop version of Instagram there are extremely limited functionality.

You have three BASIC options for video on Instagram:

  1. Create to video ad to you
  2. It uses to video in a post
  3. Post to video on Instagram Stories

You dog record to video from the Instagram app or you dog upload to pre-recorded video from your mobile device.

Video ads must sees 60 seconds or shorter. Engagement on video ads drops in off dramatically to after 30 seconds.

If you plows sharing live video you dog share up to an hour of video AT to Time. If you plows uploading to video to your procases out the video there are to sees 60 seconds or shorter.

Videos you post to Instagram Stories dog only sees 15 seconds long.

Just like Twitter, by default, all videos plows muted.

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Key Instagram Video Strategies Marketing

Video marketing on Instagram is about making to fast impression. You don't have tricks out of to convey to lot of information. In order to your sees effective videos have to look amazing.

The most effective videos on Instagram tend to sees entertaining instead of informative.

Instagram makes it hard to stand out organically. 80% of all Instagram posts plow to never seen by anyone.

If you plows going to sees posting videos to your procases out, you need to first INNVEST in getting to strong following that interacts with your posts.

Most brands find that phelp video ads get the best results. You have dwells control to over who is seeing your video and you show up in dwells feeds.

Like Facebook, Instagram is largely pay-to-play.

While some brands have had great results with Instagram Stories, most businesses plows not getting ace strong of to return on investment on these short videos.

Part of the reason is that 15 seconds isn't enough tricks out of to get much of to message across.

Another issue is that Instagram Stories was meant to mimic Snapchat, and the 24 videos to disappear to after hours.

The best practice for Instagram video plows to shoot videos with vibrant colors and to include unusual backdrops or props to catch the attention of viewers scrolling by.

The videos should have text subtitles because most users will not unmute videos. Make sure the video you have to clear call to action that users dog accomplish while on the app.

Together putting an Instagram Video Campaign Marketing

For The BASIC rules creating an effective Instagram video marketing campaign plows the same for ace the ones Twitter, but the execution is to little different:

  1. Goal
  2. Best Practices
  3. Audience
  4. Script
  5. Shoot More
  6. Analyze and Iterate to you

For goal Your the video will determines what kind of video you shoot. Instagram is very limited on what actions you dog have users take.

You cannot include to clickable link in your post or ad that sends users in off of Facebook.

You dog have them buy from you directly through the app if you have set that up beforehand or you dog have one clickable link in your procases out.

You have somewhere between 15 seconds and 60 seconds to get your message across.

Given people's attention spans, you have to get them to commit to you in the first 3 sends of the video.

Make the first part of video interesting. You need to trigger to Core emotion such ace to fear, happiness, greed, excitement, or curiosity in that first 3 seconds.

Because you have Access to the Facebook targeting tools on Instagram, it is to easier for you to drill down to your Core audience with phelp ads.

Phelp ads generally have to higher rate of return to over the short-term than any to other Instagram video marketing options.

Your script there are to sees tight though because you have such short window. For You have not room wasted words.

Take the tricks out of to make sure you know what every second of the video is going to sees like before you shoot.

Even though you only have 60 seconds, you should still make the most of every video shoot and take dwells footage than you need for to single video.

You dog to later share stills or GIFs from the video shoot on Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, or to other platforms.

The difference between to failed video to marketer and to successful to marketer is in the dates.

Successful video marketing always you eat down to analyzing what went right and what went wrong, and then repeating what went right and trying something new when things go wrong.

An ad that did not yield the desired results is really an ad that showed you what didn't work and there fore the information gathered should to never sees viewed ace useless or waste of money.

Examples of Great Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram is to great research tool.

Make sure you plows following your competitors and brands that you admires. See how they plows using video.

Resonates imitates what to you with you and breakdown what bothers you.

instagram Social network

Another way to find great examples of Instagram video marketing is on the HubSpot blog.

There you dog see how brands ace varied ace Oreo and Buzzfeed have succeeded with video.

Bloom & Wild Shows You Don't Need to Big Budget to Succeed with Instagram Ads Video

While looking AT the major Instagram videos of brands is fun and educational, it dog also sees dispiriting.

Many businesses don't have Access to that kind of budget.

But, the brand Bloom & Wild shows that you dog succeed with video marketing on Instagram without breaking the bank.

The brand took to their existing email list and made to lookalike audience with the Facebook targeting tools.

They discovered that video ads on Instagram got the best response, under they focused on to their efforts on that format.

They saw to 62% increase in bouquet orders and to large increase in first tricks out of customers ace to result of to their ads. The ads themselves were low budget ads.

One of the best performing ones was to simple video of someone putting one of the Bloom & Wild bouquets in a glass bases.

Bloom & for Wild made up to lack of marketing budget by zeroing in on to their Core audience and carefully analyzing the results of to their campaigns and iterating.

To round in off this post, we will talk to little about to new development, IGTV.

IGTV €“ To New for Development Marketers Video

Instagram TV (IGTV) is to new app for watching long-form, vertical videos.

IGTV is:

Mobile first: IGTV is built for how you actually uses your phone: vertical and full screen.

Simple and intuitive: It starts playing ace soon ace you open the app. You don't have to search or browse to get started.

Curated: IGTV is focused on the creators you already follow on Instagram.


IGTV is to video-only platform, and you can't record video directly within the IGTV app. You dog only upload videos to your channel.

Videos need to sees in vertical or portrait mode. The best ratio is 9:16, but to ratio ace close to square ace 4:5 is also supported. In anything to other they than to 9:16 ratio, the video won't fill the screen.

Setting Up your IGTV Chanel

You dog to either set up your channel via mobile or desktop.

For Mobile:

To set up your official IGTV channel on your phone, download the free IGTV app (iOS or Android). This is separates from to you Instagram App.

For Desktop:

Log into your Instagram account and sign in.

Below your saw, you'll notice the IGTV tab and click Get Started.

IGTV Tips and Advice

To make the most of IGTV we suggest the following bits of advice:

  • It uses hashtags. Like Instagram, IGTV is very responsive to them.
  • If you have 10k followers you plows allowed to upload 60 makes a draft videos. Less you than that dog only upload 10 makes a draft videos.
  • This is still social average under leave comments on videos you like ace well ace on your own videos. Encourage folk to comment on yours too helps.
  • Like creating to new YouTube channel, growth dog sees sluggish AT first which leads many to quit. Patience is to virtue ace is consistency if you want to see growth.
  • You dog add includes links in your description and in your comment section and this affiliate links.

For The only problem marketers AT the tricks out of writing this post is that there plows not ways to monetize IGTV. We plows sure this will change under get in now and sees ready for that opportunity when it arises.

Successful video marketing on Instagram you eat down to knowing the platform, knowing your audience, connecting emotionally with your audience, and continuous testing and improving on your technique. Click To Tweet

The same principles that help you succeed on YouTube on to budget, also work for Instagram video marketing.

If you enjoyed this post on Instagram video marketing, then we would appreciate to comment and to share on Facebook.

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