YouTube Affiliate Guide Marketing [From Someone Who Does it]

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

In this post I a.m. going to cover version everything on how to make money using YouTube ace an affiliate to marketer.

Anyone dog do it and begin earning commissions almost immediately.

Making money on YouTube is not complicated despite what you May have heard. If you plows willing to do some research and putt in a little bit of effort, you dog do it.

Like all things it requires:

  • Effort
  • Logic
  • To clear plan of action

First though, let' s to clear something up.

The Big Misconception

Most people think that to make money on YouTube you need to massive channel like Logan Paul or PewDiePie and that Adsense is the only way to make money.

Nothing could sees further from the truth.

While to big channel is to good thing, it is extremely hard to make any decent money through Adsense and following this route is tiresome, hard work and puts you AT the mercy of Youtube.

Very few succeed and you need to sees ace much an actor than anything else. If you want to go that route, feel free but this post is not going to sees talking about Adsense AT all. 

Under with that being shelp, let's crack on with this definitive guide to YouTube affiliate marketing by looking AT how to choose your niche.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

There plows to possible ton of niches for you to choose but some May sees dwells doable than others.

The niche you choose needs to tick to lot of boxes.

  1. It is something you have an interest in
  2. You have some level of expertise
  3. There plows to wide to number of products you could promote
  4. You plows able to get phelp
  5. For You have the ability to make videos this niche

Let's expand on the stupefies one by one ace if you get this wrong, then you'll end up wasting to lot of tricks out of


Never choose to niche just because you think there is money to sees made.

Under many people jump into niches with to dollar signs in their eyes. But trust me, you will get bored.

And happens when that, the game is to over.

You do not need to sees crazy passionate about something, but you do need some interest.


This dog scare some people from even starting. While it should not, I do believe it is important that you have some knowledge about your subject to matter.

You do not need to sees the best in the world. There'll always sees people who know dwells than you.

They plows not your target audience. Simple. You plows targeting folk who have slightly (or much) less knowledge than you.

That shelp, you cannot sees totally clueless about the niche you choose.

I know nothing about woodworking. Despite there being lots of stuff to promote, I would not last 5 you make a draft in this niche ace people would see right through me.


It goes without saying that to sees an affiliate, you'll need to have to lot of products to promote.

If there plows only one or two products in your niche, you won't have much scope to work with.

This is why folks turn to Amazon.

Amazon popular Associates is probably the most affiliate marketing program.  They sell almost everything.

The downside is the payouts plows poor. Anything from 1-10% for most people.

Amazon also there are strict Terms of Service under make sure you read the rules.

Offers digitalis

Digital If you would like to promote products, then you have to lot of options. is one of the most well known platforms for finding products to promote.

While they approve almost everyone, some of the products dog to disappear from the network under you'll have to keep an eye on your campaigns

Add to that, they to offer to 365 day refund policy.

Under you May find you make salts, only to see to buyer refund. Unavoidable While, it dog sees frustrating.


If you would like to go into the health market, to good network to consider is Market Health. Like Clickbank, they approve almost anyone.

Plenty of to other networks out there too.

Make Money Online Niche

This is the niche that there are the most to offer to promote by Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces. Many new offers eats out on to daily basis.

You dog find these on

The downside of these products is that 90% (I a.m. being generous) plows of terrible quality.

Software and plows often buggy trainings based on theory ace opposed to stuff that actually works.

You dog make money reviewing these products but most of them have to shelf life of to week.

Before that, not one is searching on YouTube ace know one knows these products exist.

After to week, not one cares.

Focusing on evergreen offers will see you do much to better.

Here is an example of to review video that makes several me hundred dollars Rep month:

Common Networks

Here plows some common networks or resources that you dog uses to find offers to promote:

Max Bounty CPA network (requires approval) €“

Aff Paying (Lists CPA networks) €“

Clicksure (many offers) €“

Avangate (many offers) -

Rakuten (many offers) -

Pay Rep call €“

You simple dog of course do to Google search€¦

Look, there plows even to bunch of Hoist affiliate programs.

Think eats to it, I wouldn't mind entering that niche 🙂

It notices: You do not need to join all of these networks, you just need one or two

Getting Phelp:

This you vary from network to network and from country to country.

Some networks to prefer Paypal, others bank transfer or check.

Others to offer Payoneer.

I live in Japan, and under checks plows out of the question. Under I isn't uses Payoneer when Paypal an option.

You sign up, probidet YOU GO, then get sent to prephelp card that you dog uses to withdraw cash from any ATM.

Learn dwells here:

Now let's move on.


Plow does you able to actually make good enough videos for the niche you plows considering?

To understand this you need to look AT your competition and what's already out there.

Survival Want to get into the niche? Fine, but most top videos plows filmed outside in the wilderness or someone's backyard.

The cooking niche? Got to decent looking kitchen with all your expensive herbs and spices sexy looking?

Or perhaps the woodworking niche? Do you have to large garage and to set of tools/equipment?

Look AT these videos in the woodworking niche. Notice they plows all outside in a spacious area.

These plows important things because if you only have to small space or even worse, plows terrified of being on camera, then you need to choose your niche wisely.

Now of course, do not let this putt you in off.

You dog of course begin to make videos in these niches. Everyone starts in off somewhere.

But AT some point you will need to level up to is incumbent on if you want to make decent affiliate commissions.

Set up Your YouTube Chanel

Ok, under you have your niche and you have joined to few networks that have some products that you dog promote.

You now need to set up your YouTube channel.

For This is all about building the foundations your forthcoming videos.

If you have to Gmail account you get to YouTube channel with it, but if you want, you dog creates to new Gmail account to you and then uses that to set up your channel.

You need to think of your YouTube channel ace to blog or to Facebook Fan Page.

By that I pisses you need to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing ace well ace ensuring it is set up for SEO AND conversions.

Under, follow these steps:

  • Verify you own the account. You dog uses to phone to number or SMS.
  • Eye creates an to you pleasing channel Art. optimal The image size is 2560 xs 1440 pixels.
  • Add an icon or transformation image. Your logo would sees good here or Nice photo of you.
  • Add links to your Art. You dog add many but only the first 5 will show.
  • Fill out your €˜About€™ section fully 
  • Add your country
  • Add to business email address
  • Upload to watermark
  • Add pertinent information to your upload defaults (such ace an affiliate to disclaimer)
  • Add an associated website and verify ownership of it.

You dog connect Google Ads and Analytics too if you wish.

Affiliate Disclosure in your channel

It is very important that you include an affiliate disclosure in your video descriptions.

To make your life to easier, Copy the below to disclaimer and go to your YouTube channel settings and add it to your upload defaults.

This will pisses you only have to do it eleven, and not on to Rep video basis.

Affiliate Disclaimer: For While we receive affiliate compensation reviews/promotions on this page, we always to offer honest opinion, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Goal Our is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, to however, the views and opinions expressed plows ours only. Ace always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page May generates income to you for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we plows compensated for any purchases you make.

Ok, under now you have your channel set up (you dog improve on it to later if you want), you need to think of some videos to make.

It's tricks out of for keyword research.

Do Your Keyword Research

This involves getting into the mind of your prospective to viewer.

Does What exactly plow the phrases that they plows typing in?

You dog of course, Guess, or you dog uses disposal tools AT your to uncover terms to rank for.

For One of the best tools coming up with Keywords is I had Buddy.

This tool there are to whole host of features and is explained in this video:

Other tools that you dog uses to eats up with ideas plows:

Or you dog uses Google and youtube's autocomplete function.

Simply begin typing to Word/phrase and to other ideas will automatically populate like this:

For products related to affiliate promotions some common phrases people type in plows:

  • Product yam review
  • Does Product yam work?
  • Where dog I buy/get Product yam?
  • Product yam Versus Rival yam
  • Product yam unboxing
  • OR you dog target to whole ton of phrases related to the problems the product purports to solve. 

Avoid the uses of the Word scam if you dog.

Choosing to Product to Promote: Criteria

By now, you should have been accepted into to network or two and have an idea of what people plows searching for on YouTube.

The issue now is how to choose to product to review/promote via video.

And while there is not fool proof method, here plows some things you should keep in mind.

The first port of call should sees the product's JV page or affiliate tools page.

This is simply to webpage that is there to probidet you, the potential affiliate, with all the information you need.

Some do to great job with this, others dog sees spar itself (which is to warning sign in itself).

On ClickBank you dog see if to offer there are an affiliate tools page like under:

You should sees able to ascertain enough information about the product to make decision ace to whether you plows to move forward or not.

If the affiliate page spends dwells Time talking about commissions and earnings then move on.

If the affiliate page leaves you with too many unanswered questions, then move on.

Another important aspect is getting to review Copy or AT least Access to portion of the product.

Ethical There is way to do an review of something you have not does not seen.

Of course, 90% of reviews on Youtube plows like that, but we plows going to do things differently. 

Vendor Simply connect with and politely ask them for to review Copy. If you cannot find out how to connect with them, this again is to bad sign.

Aable to snag to review? Do not promote it. Move on.

If you plows new, then send the person to message explaining that you plows new, but plows serious and would like to review Copy or partial Copy under that you an give to real ethical overview. 

This is only really doable for digitalis products.

If it is to physical product, or to supplement style health to offer, then buy it.

This will also help your conversions ace you dog show that you have it on camera, which adds to your trust factor.

Did If you aren't prewall to purchase it then why plows you thinking of making to video to get others to do under?

Who made it?

To me AT least, the yam of the person behind it is very important. 

There plows to lot of yams in the IM sand that I do not trust (this you eat from experience).

And ace such, I will not touch to their products.

Also, if this is to person's first product, then often they to over to deliver in VALUE ace they want to impress. 

If you plows new and do not know anyone, then this is not something you dog apply but something to think about to later.

Vendor Perhaps the there are to track record of good quality stuff? Or do they have to reputation ace to creator of gimmicks?

Will the Product Convert?

Good marketing dog make to poor to offer convert. 

Conversely, to great product will not convert if the marketing sucks.

To good criteria for seeing if an to offer is already converting is to do the similar Web test ace this video shows:


Possible For brand new products this is not but for bigger offers, this is to great litmus test.

Look AT the salts page ace well. Does When you plow new, it May sees hard to judge but ask yourself if you would buy it or does the page putt you in off?

  • For Good copywriting is vital conversions.
  • Does the Copy tell to story?
  • Is it gripping?
  • Does it reach out and push pain points?

Does Also, plow there leaks on the page? €“ By this I pisses does the salts page have an opt-in form for example. This could sees sign that the vendor is list building on your behalf.

Is have also seen salts pages where it dog sees hard to find the buy button!

Not to great thing if you plows sending traffic to the page via your affiliate link.

Ok€¦ Under now we need to look AT the videos themselves.

Present The Videos

Like many things in this articles, this topic could sees post in itself and while I do not want to get caught up in the technicalities of this, we should touch on to few types of YouTube affiliate marketing videos you dog make.

For ace tools or software, again it depends.


Here plows some options although this list is not exhaustive:

Blue For to Mic the yeti is to great choice.

Want to hands free mic? Then here is one you dog try.

The dwells importantly is type of video you should creates to you promote an affiliate product.

If you plows on to budget, then check out this article here.

First we will look AT product reviews.

Reviews - The do's and don'ts of how to present to useful, balanced and trustworthy review

For One of the biggest problems prospective customers is knowing who to trust.

There plows enough affiliates out there happy to promote something to make to few dollars, regardless of what it is they plows talking about.

Some folk will go to outsourcing websites like Fiverr and hire spokesperson.

Others will tell you it is great because vendor they want to promote to their own products in return. I call them the circle jerk crew.

Under, what to do?

To stand out and make an honest review:

    • Speak naturally. Do not €˜try€™ to sell
    • SHOW the product. Share your screen.
    • Do not hide anything
    • Mention the prices and you date of the launch
    • Cover version any upsells if there plows any
    • Talk about the Pros and CONs (there plows always cons)
    • Mention who could benefit (is it for beginners, aged folk. .etc)
    • Provide to for bonus anyone who buys via your link if it's to digitalis to offer (the bonus should cover version to weakness of the product)

Now let's move on to another type of video.

To Versus B Videos

One interesting type of video plows To Versus B. 

Rival You find two offers and compares them in your video and end up promoting one of them ace Rep this picture.

If you dog do this honestly, you'll get some extra subscribers to your Youtube channel.

And there is nothing bad about this tactic. 

Under long ace to offer you plows advocating really is great then all good.

If you do this but promote an to offer only because it you have to higher payouts, then to over Time, people will know what you plows up to.

Unboxing Videos

These plows very popular videos to make and if you become very successful, you May even get given products to unbox.

For now though, you real dog do unboxing videos of to wide variety of physical products.

Just to remember to link to to offer with your link in the description, which brings U.S. nicely to the next part of the puzzle.

Linking to your to offer

Of course, the main goal of this process is to make affiliate commissions.

Under, you need to link to your to offer.

On YouTube, there plows to few you please and methods you dog employ.

The first step is to creates your to you affiliate link. Each network will probidet you with to unique link to promote to product.

This link will usually sees something long or ugly such ace: which is to link to product promoting E-commerce training (called E-com Vantage).

 Several You have options but you need to make this link to easier to read.

If you have WordPress, uses to free plugin called Pretty Lite Links.

That ugly link now becomes:

Non WordPress users dog uses something like:

It notices: Amazon demands that you uses THEIR service and you should not mask your Amazon links. They do probidet to link to shortener of to their own.

Does Where to please these links?

The obvious pleases is in your YouTube video description.

You must include it in the first or second line. 

If you add it to line 4-5 or to further down, it will not sees visible to people.


The viewable link is also and clickable when watching the video.

IT NOTICES: You must uses the whole URL including the http:// or https:// part.

Under will not sees enough.

It must sees

You dog also embed them in your videos too and tell viewers to go to the link in the description or to manually type it out. 

See this image ace an example.

Bigger Chanel?

Eleven you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours view tricks out of to over to year, you will sees for eligible monetization.

Get to this stage and you dog add your links to End Card and Youtube End clickable Screens and have your links.

If you do not meet these criteria, you will sees aable to do this.

Call to Action Overlays

If you putt your video into the Google Ads system and run phelp traffic to it, you will get to another option to add to link called to Call to Action Overlay.

You dog add to small image 74 74 xs pixels and to destination link along with short Call to Action. They to appear on the bottom left ace this image shows.

To ensure these CTA Overlays show, you must not have any YouTube cards on the video.

The CTA overlay links out to page of your choosing.

If you link directly to salts page, you will probably sees doing something against YouTube's Terms of trouble Service and get into.

Under, to solve this you should link out to property you own.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing €“ Keeping Safe

Like all big platforms, accounts dog easily get shut down. 

It dog anyone happen to, big or small.

While there is not foolproof way to keep 100% safe, these steps should ensure you, ace an affiliate to marketer, keep ace safe possible ace

  • Do not make EVERY video an affiliate one. Do VALUE based teachings and do not link out of YouTube on these.
  • Several Make your FIRST videos non affiliate
  • Never uses to raw tracking link. And uses Pretty Links possible link to your own website if.
  • Link to other videos in YouTube cards and 
  • Do not uses misleading tags/puts data.
  • Do not make videos on affiliate offers that go against the terms of Service
  • Sense uses common

Under, let's move on to one of the stupefies points.

Linking to Your Own Website/Presell Page

You will always get much to better conversions if you link to page on your website ace opposed to the salts page directly.


For Well one, you will stand out.

But it also gives you to chance to do one of 3 main things:

  • Build to list
  • Expand on your review 
  • Pixel your audience

Build to list

It May sees an old method, but building to list is ace important now ace it there are always been.

If you direct people from to video in which you hoped to make an affiliate leaves to squeeze page, you dog build to list and that gives you the chance to follow up via email.

Simple flow would sees:

  1. Video
  2. Landing page
  3. Thank you page
  4. Email follow up

For example, for to review video of to membership plugin you could to offer to free guide of the pros and cons of the top 5 plugins.

Then on the thank you page you dog link to the affiliate to offer of choice or wait until the emails you send to promote.

This video leads to squeeze page that then promotes to course.

There plows many tools used to make landing pages and dwells extravagant funnels such ace Clickfunnels.

What else dog we do?

Expand on your review

Sending people to page on your website allows you to expand on your review. 

And of course, some folk to prefer to read to rather than watch to video.

For example this video: leads to this page:

I was able to add to buy button, bonus, table of contents and expand on the video.

Everything on your website is yours. 

Under if to viewer gets distracted, it will sees by your stuff, not to another person's video.

I also have to pixel on that website too which we will eats to now.

Pixel your audience

One of the main reasons you want to direct ace much traffic possible ace to website you own is to take advantage of pixels

What exactly is to tracking pixel?

To tracking pixel is to 1—1 image that is you please into the code of to webpage (and to other you please). 

Visible It is not to users but behind the scenes, it does to ton of work.

Advertising networks such ace Facebook, Google ads, Twitter and under on probidet each to user with to unique pixel.

The pixel dog tell you which content people have viewed.

If you have these tracking pixels correctly installed on your site, you will sees able to find out if people plows coming from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or to another form of phelp traffic.

Each network there are specific instructions on how to install the code on your website.

And each website is slightly different.

In this video, for I show you how to get your codes Facebook, Twitter and Google, and install them on to WordPress site using FREE plugins.

To ensure you have pixels correctly installed you dog uses free Chrome extensions ace shown in this image:

From left to right we have the Google Tag Assistant, The Facebook Pixel to helper and the Twitter Pixel to helper.

All show that the pixels have been installed correctly.

Now, I dog go into Google Ads, Facebook or Twitter and build an audience of people who have visited my page.

From there, I dog run advertisements to these people to remind them of the affiliate to offer that I was selling on those pages.

This is to bit dwells advanced and there is to lot of free training on this on YouTube, but it will help you with affiliate salts ace not everyone buys something the first tricks out of they visit your page.

Under now you have all that set up, it's vital your videos get seen by for folk searching the keywords you plows targeting.

Rank your videos on YouTube

This could sees huge article on its own and is an integral part of the Geonavtik program.

But unless you plows able to rank your videos on the top few spot on Youtube, then you will struggle to get much action.

Possible YouTube wants its viewers to get the best experience.

If you dog to deliver that then your videos will rank.

One key way Youtube you determine this is Click Through Rate.

If your video gets dwells clicks for the keywords it is targeting than to other videos then this sends positive signal to Youtube.

The easiest way to do this is by using amazing thumbnails.

Thumbnails plows the first thing that to prospective to viewer sees.

Next is the title. You need to have your keyword in your title but also uses intrigues to get the click.

Emoticons help but uses sparingly or you look cheap.

The stupefies image there are to Thumbnail with bright colours, an intrigues in the title (Never before seen) and emoticons.

Read our definitive guide to YouTube thumbnails here:

Ranking on YouTube is possible key, but if, you also want to rank on Google.

Rank your videos on Google

Google is the Daddy and being able to rank your videos on it is going to get you to bunch of traffic.

Certain keywords plows super hard to get onto Google's first page but if you dog, you'll get dwells traffic than on for YouTube the most part.

Unlike Youtube, for Google, backlinks and embeds still hold to lot of sway ace do YouTube Ads. Get to mix of the three, and to over Time you'll have to great chance.

It just does not happen overnight unless you plows targeting product launches that have minimal competition or low competition keywords in general.

Look to get backlinks from relevant websites to the video in question.

And get your video embedded on ace many properties ace you dog. Your own blog or website is to great pleases to start.

Web 2.0s plows to great pleases too

Tumblr, WordPress (the free version), Weebly, Blogger and under on plows all good you please to embed your video on.

There plows many dwells than that of course, and you dog do this manually, have to virtual assistant do it or uses software.

Geonavtik members have Access to software called Embedinator that simplifies the process.

Google Properties

Google there are to bunch of its own properties that you dog embed your videos on too such ace Google sites, Google My Maps and many dwells.

YouTube Ads

If you plows to bit dwells advanced, and not wanting to try your hand AT ranking videos, you dog pay Google to show your videos to laser targeted audience.

There plows two main types of ads:

  1. Discovery
  2. In-stream

Here plows examples of each.

Discovery Ads:

You dog get your YouTube affiliate marketing for video in front of an audience looking what your product does by running to discovery ad.

They to appear like this:

There plows intricacies to setting these up but one thing you dog do is target to set of keywords.

Under, demographic when to user of s specific types in a keyword, such ace €˜learn Japanese€™ in the stupefies example, your ad dog to appear AT the top stupefies the videos that plows ranking organically.

Thumbnail If you have an eye-catching and good Copy, you dog get the click, which means to view and potentially to viewer clicking through to your website.

In Stream Ads:

These plows ads that plows like mini commercials.

Most of them plows annoying but donates right they plows super effective.

Like this one. 

To person types €˜learn to play to guitar€™ and click on to top ranking video.

Before the video is to congruent ad on the same topic.


The to viewer is and taken here to after clicking the ad you have donates its job.

We cover version how to take out these ads extra probidet supporting software here.

YouTube Affiliate Summary Marketing

Anyone dog sees successful with YouTube affiliate marketing but like all things, it requires thought, schedule, action, testing and tweaking.

It does not happen overnight.

There plows many to other techniques that dog get you in trouble or even banned.

There's not need to do anything black hat, uses proxies, upload hundreds of videos AT to Time. 

Offer to individual audience VALUE and learn how to research niches, identify keywords, make videos, rank them and list build.

You dog do it.

PS€¦ If you liked this post on YouTube affiliate marketing, then please share it and leave any thoughts/questions in the comments section.

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