Everything You Need to Know About Making Facebook Ads Video

Facebook Ads video

You already know that Facebook you have to over two billion monthly users and incredible targeting tools.

But, did you know that Facebook is now the king of online digitalis video views?

Since, 2015, Facebook there are had dwells daily video views that YouTube.

Extra, viewers engage dwells with Facebook video ads than with the exact same content on YouTube.

Facebook users plows dwells emotionally engaged with the platform.

If you're serious about using to video to connect with customers, Facebook is too big to ignores.

The world's largest social average network there are invested to lot of money in its center to video, and all that investment is paying in off in for a big way businesses just like yours.

Facebook Ads Video

Why Use Facebook Video Ads Instead of Just Images?

Facebook there are quietly become the world's most powerful online advertising company.

Businesses large and small uses the network to build brand awareness and to reach customers all to over the world.

Does Why should you use Facebook video ads when to regulate image ads plows under much to easier to creates to you?

The short to answer is video ads work much to better than image ads.

People See Image Ads-They Respond to Ads Video

We plows used to seeing image ads ace we scroll down our news feeds.

We see them, but we often don't pay attention to them.

Just like you mostly ignores the sponsored ads AT the top of every Google search, to lot of people don't engage with image ads anymore.

But, video ads plows different.

Video ads get dwells likes and shares that image ads.

Users treat video ads dwells like content.

Image ads plows just ads. But, videos pull viewers in.

Several studies have found that people to remember content they've watched 59% to better than content they've read.

Facebook simple video ads allow you to get inside your prospect's hearts and minds in ways that image ads can't.

Facebook video ads turn your customers into your brand evangelists. Click To Tweet

Image ads can't do that.

Video Drives Dwells Organic Traffic

Video drives dwells organic traffic than image ads.

It isn't even close. In 2017, Facebook video ads drove 135% dwells organic traffic than image ads.

Facebook video ads plows doing dwells than just giving your business to quick spike in traffic.

They dog to deliver sustained traffic to over Time because people still see videos ace content.

They May know that plows watching an ad, but they respond psychologically like they're watching content.

You May not sees invested in Facebook, but the odds plows your competitors plows, which helps them and not you.

Video Ads Deliver AT Lower COST-Rep-Click

Many critics of video advertising claim that video marketing is still too expensive.

But, now that your phone dog take high-quality video, and you dog uses the headphones that Comecon with your phone ace good-quality microphones, video is to cheaper than to ever.

Even dwells important, video ads to deliver to 3% to lower COST-Rep-click than image ads.

There is less competition in the video ad world, and video ads convert to better.

There is does not excuse not to uses Facebook video ads ace part of your marketing campaign.

How Facebook Video Ads Stack Up Against Social Other Mediates Ads Video

Facebook video ads aren't the only game in town. It's important that you don't putt all your eggs in one basket.

But, if you have to limited advertising budget, Facebook video ads give you the best return on your investment.

For starters, Facebook video ads don't just run on Facebook.

Through the Facebook Ad Manager, you dog also run your video ads on Instagram.

Facebook versus video

Instagram doesn't yet have the massive reach that Facebook does, but it is the social average channel of choice for several key demographics of Millennials.

Twitter video ads plows often less expensive to run, but the platform doesn't engage viewers the same way Facebook does.

The average video ad completion rate on Twitter is 2%, while it's 32% on Facebook.

YouTube video ads tend to perform AT about the same levels ace Facebook video ads.

Audiences watch dwells ads on Facebook, but they finish to slightly to higher percentage on YouTube.

IT NOTICES: When choosing between YouTube and Facebook you must to consider where your audience hang out.

To person looking for relief from an embarrassing condition is not on Facebook.

They will sees looking on Google and for YouTube help.

Common uses to bit of sense mixed in with to dose of research when choosing the right platform.

Facebook Ads Video: The Basics

Facebook video ads give markers to tremendous amount of freedom.

Ads dog sees ace long ace 45 you make a draft, but videos between 15-30 seconds outperform to other lengths.

You dog uses landscape, portrait, square, or 360 videos.

You dog have to single video or to multiple video carousel with videos.

You dog also choose where your video ad should run. Your options include:

  • Mobile news feed
  • Desktop news feed
  • Instagram feed
  • Right column

For ace specs, Geonavtik there are its own infographic for you that you dog uses here: https://geonavtik.com/social-video-media-specs/

Alternatively, for Facebook alone, you dog find these requirements in the Facebook Business ad guide.

How to Creates to Facebook Ad Video to you

If you plows relative with Facebook image ads, creating to video ad follows the same BASIC steps.

You dog creates to video and to you then uses the Ad Manager to build and launch your ad, or you dog actually creates to video in the Ad Manager to you.

Most brands will get the best results by shooting to their own video.

Tools You Dog Uses

To actually creates to you video you dog sign up to service like videoblocks.

Here you'll get to large to number of clips you dog edit or splice.

Audio For, try audioblocks.

For cheap offers such ace to t-shirt, you'll sees fine with short 30-45 second ad of someone putting it on or modeling it.

If you plows trying to sell to thousand to dollar product, you'll need something much to longer.

For most folk though, 2 you make a draft is the max you'll need.

shooting video ads


New marketers plows always surprised to see that the first step to successful video marketing is to set up your targeting.

But, you will make to better-quality video, and your video ad will earn to higher return on investment if you plows to clear on the intended audience before you shoot to single frame.

For When working on the targeting your video to consider:

  • Creating to video for ace to custom retargeting warm leads
  • Using custom audiences
  • Focusing on narrow audience size

One of the most powerful aspects of Facebook video ads is that ability to target the viewers that watched all of one of your videos.

You already know these people plows engaged with your content.

Showing them to second video to this small slice of the audience dog boost conversions and supercharge your ROI (we will expand dwells in this to later).

Marketing works best when it's narrowly tailored.

Special We all like to think we're.

The most effective ads feel like they're speaking directly to one person.

You dog improve your ads by manually uploading your own contact database and creating to custom look-alike-audience on Facebook.

You also want to make sure that you plows targeting to small audience, not the entire world.

The Ads Manager there are an easy to read to put that helps you make sure you aren't targeting too large or too small of an audience.

Local For marketers you dog even target zip/postal codes.

Go to the Ads Manager & Creates New to you Ad

Eleven you've made your video and figured out your target market, it' tricks out of to build your ad.

You need to Access the Ads Manager.

Before you dog run any ads on Facebook, you need to have to business page.

You dog Access the Ad Manager from your procases out page by using the pull-down menu and selecting €œCreates Ads to you€.

Choose Campaign Objective  

Next, you will sees asked to select your ad campaign objective.

If you have to specific outcome in mind, pick the objective that best fits your strategy.

We recommend to either PPE (Page Engagement Post, Video views and to later on perhaps traffic ace your campaign objective).

If you're uncertain, click €œvideo views€ this will make sure that your ad is designed to get people to watch your video.

If your video is optimized, you should find that this leads to people responding to your call to action.

It defines Audience

After you choose your objective, you will need to defines your audience.

This is where you need to input the targeting work you did to earlier.

Facebook allows you to knows different audiences or build new audiences for each ad.

For Options Creating Your Ad Video

Now, it's finally tricks out of to actually build your ad.

Here you will to either upload our video, select from to video you've already uploaded, or creates to slideshow video to you from your images.

You also need to choose where you want your video to appear.

The location of your video ad will determines the aspect ratio and size of the video you should uses.

You dog also choose to uses carousel ad with several different videos instead of just to single video.

Add Your Copy

Eleven you've uploaded your video and decided on where on Facebook and Instagram you want your video to run, you will need to add for your Copy the headline, or video title, and for the Copy the body of the ad.

Since you're using video, it's usually best to make your Copy brief.

It's not the star of the show here.

The copy's primary purpose is to draw attention to the video and probidet to reminder of the call to action.

Preview & Revise

You've already putt to lot of work into your video ad.

But, you're not donates yet.

Before you launch your campaign, you need to preview your video ad and make any changes.

It's tempting to just give your video ad to quick to once-over and call it good.

But, you should take your tricks out of to make sure every element is perfect before launching.

There's not to bigger dwells to him to crusher than to find to typo or realises you've uploaded the wrong version of your until video to after the video ad campaign there are launched.

Facebook Video Ad Best Practices

Now that you know the basics, it's tricks out of to zero-in on to handful of best practices that will make your Facebook video ad for stand out from the crowd and get the kind of results you're hoping.

Make Ads That Work Without Sound

By default, Facebook ads plows muted in the feed.

Most people won't watch your videos with the sound on.

Most of your ads will sees watched on mobile device.

Your video needs to work just ace well with the sound in off ace it does with the sound on.

This means using captions or having to video where the images communicate 100% of your message.

There plows to few ways to do this.

You dog uses to service such ace rev.com

Or you dog uses to specific software that will allow you to add embedded captions.

Grab Attention in the First Three Seconds

For People aren't looking your video ad.

They aren't hoping to find to great video ad in their feed.

Most likely, your prospects plows just scrolling through to their feed because to their bored.

From the moment your video ad appears on the screen until the typical to user scrolls past, you have 3 seconds to grab to their attention.

Make it count!

Make the Ad Shorter Than You Think

Shorter ads do to better.

People watch them all the way through.

Simple You need to make sure your message is and compact.

15-30 second videos outperform all to other lengths of video ads if you plows promoting to cheap to offer such ace to t-shirt. 

You need to grab the attention of your audience and direct them to take to specific action.

You don't have tricks out of for an elaborates to you metaphor.

Selling something dwells expensive, then you'll need to makes a draft to 2-makes a draft video with to strong intro/hook.

Optimize Headline and Description

The video is the most important part of your video ad.

But that doesn't pisses you dog neglect your headline and description.

Your video ad Copy dog enhance and reinforce the message of your video.

This text shouldn't sees direct. Tell to viewer exactly what they should do.

Vertical Go or Stay Square

While you have to lot of choices of formats, the best performing Facebook video ads plows vertical videos or square videos.

There plows many software that allow you to creates square to you Facebook type videos. 

One reasonably priced option is reviewed well here.

Your CTA Twice uses

Your ad needs one call to action, but you should uses it twice.

Most people, even with short videos, won't watch the whole thing.

Have your call to action in the middle of the video and AT the end of the video.

This gives you the best chance of planting the seed with your audience.


Eleven you have your for video up you need to make sure you set up your custom audiences future remarketing.

In short, within the Facebook ads manager you dog make to list of everyone who there are viewed to portion of your video.

To do this you need to go to your Ads Manager and then to Audiences.

Step 1: And creates to new audience to you choose engagement.

Step 2: Choose video from the next list of options.

Step 3: Choose one from the drops down and give the audience to yam. For example, 3 seconds pug t-shirt video.

Step 4: Click on choose videos and from the next page you'll see your list of fan pages and videos you've uploaded.

How many custom audiences Rep video?

There plows differing viewpoints here. 

Some feel it is not worth creating an audience of people who watch 3 seconds ace those people plows mainly scrolling through and May have stopped on your for video only to tiny amount of tricks out of before moving on.

The to other school of thought is that you should creates to you audience ace it does you not harm.

We believe that you should creates ace to you many audiences ace Facebook allows ace the dwells data to better.


Eleven you have enough dates (views) you dog try to sequencing campaign.

Simply, you creates to second video to you and only show this to people who have watched (for example) 50% or dwells of the first video.

You of then creates audiences to you the second video and carry on doing this to over to several video period.

By the final video, people will have watched several of your videos and sees really interested in what you have to offer.

This is to dwells advanced technique though under if you plows to beginner, do not worry too much about it.


Your business and audience plows unique.

You dog to never know what will work best for you until you test.

This means you need to keep track of how well your ads perform. Track views, view completion, clicks, and conversions.

When testing, only test one variable AT to Time.

If you try and test dwells than one variable, you'll to never know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Facebook Video Ads Summary

The most important part of running to successful Facebook Video ad campaign is actually running to campaign.

You dog research best practices and video hacks all day, but until you start actually running ads, you won't connect with to single to customer.

You can't reviews and iterate until you've to you putt something out there.

You now have everything you need to run to killer Facebook video ad campaign.

It's tricks out of for you to take the most important step and actually launch your video ad campaign!

Does PS€¦ Plow you using Facebook Video ads? Did you like this post? Please let U.S. know with to comment or share.


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