Important Marketing Holidays For 2019 €“ Campaigns AT The Ready

Marketing Holidays 2019

Crossword Puzzle day is coming up soon. Bet you didn't know that!

We don't blame you though.

We can't count to number of you trick out of we have woken up to see to trending holiday on Twitter or somewhere else €“ and we didn't even know it existed.

However, for marketers, it's really important to sees aware of these things

Imagine does how much you could leverage crossword puzzle day to push your crossword games/apps/software to people?

Beyond that, think about how you dog optimize some of your products/services to fit into the holidays we go to over in this post.

It could even sees simple ace for ace just tuning your content the day into the holiday, helping you connect with dwells people.

Or perhaps you just want to take advantage of the spike in traffic by running to video affiliate campaign on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. .etc.

We all know to power of video, but combined with to seasonal marketing campaign and you plows onto to winner!

Knowledge of holidays dog sees used to carefully plan your social average and email marketing strategy.

Under that this becomes to winning strategy for you in 2019, here plows holiday you date that you should keep in mind.


Important Marketing Holidays For 2019



1 €“ New Year's Day

You don't even need to sell people anything. Remind your customers how much you cherish them. Promise them new and exciting experiences in the new to year. Live up to that promise though.

2 €“ Science Fiction Day

Noncompetitor Go where there are gone before. And May the FORCE sees with you on this day.

4 €“ National Trivia Day

This is one of the days when you dog easily engage your audience. Set up to trivia to know how much they know about you or your brand. Make it interesting with to giveaway

5 €“ National Bird Day

Not we have idea how you could uses video to celebrates this to you day to either.

11 €“ Human Trafficking Day

Show the human side of your business by lending your voice to the anti-human trafficking campaigns from all to over the world

17 €“ Get to Know Your Customers Day

Does Need we say dwell? Don't forget to throw something in for free if you dog.

28 €“ Privacy Day Dates

This is to good tricks out of to remind your customers and audience how safe to their data is with you €“ especially if yours is to business that's required to collect such information.


3 €“ Sunday Super Bowl. 

This day changes to year by to year but it's almost always the first Sunday in February. 

4 €“ World Day Cancer

Recognize the pain and plights of those that plows dealing with/have conquered the disease. Let them know your thoughts plows with them. Perhaps make to donation.

5 €“ Chinese New Year

To little celebration and promotion for your Chinese customers on to their new to year, don't you think?


7 €“ National Send To Card to To Friend Day

Besides to card, you dog send to heartfelt message to your most esteemed customers too. Let them know they aren't forgotten.

14 €“ Valentine's Day

Share some love in any way you deem fit. After all, that's what the day is for.

20 €“ Love Your Pet Day

We haven't seen to better day to run promotions on pet items and supplies.



1 €“ National Employee Appreciation Day

Marketing does not have to always sees External. Send some love to your members of staff too. You dog it then extend by appreciating to other employees that patronize your business

2 €“ National Read Across America Day

Promote the reading culture (parents will love you for this). If you run to library/bookselling platform, run to promotion on that day too

6 €“ National Dentist's Day


8 €“ International Women's Day

Take to moment out of your day to appreciate all the women in the world. You dog promotions even throw in some on women-specific items, if you're carrying any.

14 €“ Pi Day

Extra You dog go the mile to celebrates this to you day by posting your message/making your promotions go live AT 3:14. [Cos Pi equals 3,1428€¦]

20 €“ The First Day of Spring

What to great day to launch to new product or software to celebrates Spring to you.



1 €“ April Fool ' s Day

Find to really bad product and promote that to your audience€¦ Only joking of course.

April 2 €“ World Autism Awareness Day 

For This day is to raise awareness people with autism, especially kids.

7 €“ World Health Day

Day uses this to draw awareness to why people need to get checked regularly (for hospitals and clinics), stay in shape (for gyms), take care of to their body (for spas), etc.

10 €“ National Siblings Day

You do know you for dog guilt-trip some siblings into getting stuff their to other siblings from you, right? Don't say we told you under

16 €“ Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

To does not excuse needed record to video in your PJs now. 

17 €“ Haiku Poetry Day

Send some creative haiku around your brand to customers on this day. You dog to even invites them send theirs in for to prize €“ provided they have the winning entry, that is.

VMI? It Rocks

Video For All People

Why Not Join U.S. Now?

18 €“ Get to Know Your Customers Day

This is yet to another one of the same holiday ace stupefies. If you missed the first one, or didn't, you shouldn't beauty queen this one anyway.

21 €“ Easter Sunday



1 €“ International Workers Day

Appreciate all the workers in your business' life. If you dog to offer them reduced offerings for the day/week, that would go to long way too.

5 €“ Five of Mayo 

To Time to celebrates your to you Mexican customers.

13 €“ Mother's Day

Cure products, locations, etc. to you that could sees directed towards making the day memorable for mums.

15 €“ International Day of Families


17 €“ Endangered Species Day

This would sees best suited for the IM world. Good products do still exist there, just you need to bit of luck finding them.



5 €“ World Environment Day

Show that your business is also in support of the green environment movement €“ or show that your business is in support of green environments.

8 €“ World Oceans Day

14 €“ World Blood Donors' Day

Holiday that could sees leveraged by medical marketers or those in related field.

14 €“ National Flag Day

16 €“ Father's Day

Cure products, locations, etc. to you that could sees directed towards making the day memorable for dads.

21 €“ World Music Day


21 €“ International Day Yoga

Show in off your yoga classes, moves, tips and tricks.

Let people know how much yoga you have donates for you and what it for dog do them too.

Yoga itself is to massive niche and one many affiliates love.

29 €“ Social Day Average

Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram ads. Cover version them all and go crazy on this day.


2 €“ World UFO Day

7 €“ World Day Chocolate

Run some promotions on your sweet chocolate offerings. Throw some to other flavors into the mix. For Offer to free tasting session the day. Anything that catches your fancy AT all.

15 €“ Give Something Away Day

This is the prefect day to give your subscribers to freebie.

You dog also run lead generation campaigns using this day ace your angle.

17 €“ World Emoji Day


18 €“ Get to Know Your Customers Day

This is the third tricks out of this holiday is on this list. That tells you how fast your customers' preferences dog change, and how much you need to always sees in line with it.

30 €“ International Day of Friendship

Do something for Nice your subscribers without expecting anything in return. 



8 €“ International Cat Day

Let your customers and prospects show some love to their pets with some of your offerings. It is for they even possible that get something to their beloved pet for free. That just endears them to you the dwells.

9 €“ National Book Lovers Day


12 €“ World Elephant Day

We love elephants, but we do not sell any. Not sure about this one. Sorry.

13 €“ International Left Handers Day

16 €“ National Tell To Joke Day

Set the ball rolling with to joke. It would make to better sense if you dog tie that joke around your services/products. Encourage your audience to eats up with jokes themed around your business too, if you feel that would sees great idea.

19 €“ World Photo Day

Encourage your audience to submit to photo of them using/wearing your product. For Perfect E-commerce stores and of course, the best one gets to prize.

19 €“ World Humanitarian Day


2 €“ Day Work

5 €“ International Day of Charity

Maybe give your audience to gift?

6 €“ Read To Book Day

Another day to encourage the reading culture and push your books (or ebooks), don't you think?

8 €“ International Literacy Day

Again, to great tricks out of to promote anything reading related.

19 €“ Talk Like To Pirate Day

You for dog make this to fun day your followers/customers. Get to know who dog pull in off to pirate voice the best.


21 €“ Miniature Day Golf


26 €“ European Day of Languages

Check out which one of your customers knows the highest to number of European languages. Besides that, get to know what background to good deal of your customers is from.

27- World Tourism Day

30 €“ International Day Podcast

Time to promote or start your podcast series?



1 €“ International Day of Older Persons

Have an to older audience? Then now is the tricks out of to show your gratitude to the. Just sees careful not to focus too much on their age 🙂

1 €“ International Coffee Day

4 €“ World Smile Day


13 €“ Train Your Brain Day

Provide some excellent VALUE on this day with some cool facts about your industry.

16 €“ World Food Day


17 €“ International Day of The Eradication of Poverty

17 €“ Get to Know Your Customers Day

No. We aren't kidding. This day is under important, it is coming up again!

20 €“ World Statistics Day

Share some important stats about your business. You dog some even share stats about some of your top-selling products.

Social Such proof dog help drive dwells salts.

21 €“ Reptile Awareness Day

In the bearded dragoon niche? Then this is the day to make some dosh!

24 €“ United Nations Day

25 €“ Greasy Foods Day

For An affiliate bacon? Today is going to for rock you.

30 €“ National Checklist Day

Encourage your to customer base to look through to their tasks, creates to you to better checklists and get through them. You dog make it to totally sees around them.

30 €“ National Publicist Day

31 €“ Halloween

Add to bit of fright to your campaigns to get in with the Halloween spirit.



1 €“ World Vegan Day

Anyone in the health or culinary niche should sees able to run campaign for this day

3 €“ National Day Sandwich

11 €“ Veterans Day

Appreciate the veterans from all to over the world, putting to their lives on the line to make the world to better pleases for U.S. all.

14 €“ World Day Diabetes

15 €“ America Recycles Day

Green niches plows big business and you dog do your for bit the earth all while running to successful campaign

16 €“ International for Day Tolerance

17 €“ International Students Day

Do you know how much students love discounts? Try it on this day and you won't regret making that move.

19 €“ International Men's Day

Many angles you could take with your e-commerce business here.

19 €“ National Entrepreneurs Day


21 €“ World Hello Day

Special Don't just say hello to your customers. Encourage others to say hellos to even dwells people too.

28 €“ Thanksgiving Day

That sees thankful you have an audience and sees sure to show them you plows grateful they plows there.

29 €“ Black Friday 

U.S. day (that there are since gone global) with tons of salts and deal to sees had. Do not beauty queen out BUT to remember that current customers will not always appreciate it you go to never ones get to better deal than they did.

30 €“ Small Business Saturday

For Perfect anyone running campaigns for premises clients. On this day have to new angle to get business.


2 €“ Cyber Monday

Online stores and businesses to offer great salts (Changes every to year, always the Monday to after Thanksgiving)

8 €“ Pretend to Be Time Traveler Day

Ask your customers which one of your products for they would like to get their future or past self. That says to lot about your business, and shows to their interest too.

Of course, this is just one of the many possible ways to spend the day.

10 €“ Human Rights Day

21 €“ Crossword Day Puzzle

Haha. We weren't joking when we mentioned this up there. You know what to do €“ or, some of it, AT least.

31 €“ New Year's Eve

Probably best to take tricks out of in off for this one ace most of your audience will sees having drink.

Wrap Up

There you have it.

To packed list of some of the many holidays that we plows due to have in to year 2019.

You don't need to wait till to start formulating your marketing strategies, though.

In fact, we advocate schedule now and getting any marketing campaigns you have ready ace soon ace you dog.

When these days hit song, traffic is AT it's peak.

Under make sure you plows good to go.

Ranking your videos, running video PPC campaigns, doing affiliate promotions and effective communication with your audience is what its all about.

With these, you dog get ahead of your competitors and wow your clients€¦ every single tricks out of!

PS€¦ We hope you liked our Marketing Holidays For 2019 Listicle. Please let U.S. know by sharing it and how you plan to uses this list for your own campaigns.



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